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Fuji Apple

Meet the family

Flavors inspired by home

The entire San Juan family of Seltzers is locally made, gluten free, has only 85 calories, no sugar, and is inspired by Pacific Northwest flavors. We call this area home and wanted to brew a sophisticated beverage for sipping on any occasion that truly represented our roots.

A delicious raspberry first, raspberry cran flavored spiked sparkling water. Rich ripe raspberry flavor notes steal the show right from the curtain call – delivering great refreshing taste through the every sip scene.  Then, before the final curtain close, on comes cranberry – providing that final closing scene with grace, eloquence and style. Then, the standing ovation. Raspberry then Cranberry together  – a star is born.

There are few outdoor activities more pure and simple than enjoying the diverse waters and landscapes offered in the San Juan Islands. This simple purity and diversity inspired us to create the world’s most versatile spiked sparkling water. PURE is a blank canvas for your imagination – have it with a splash of lemon, lime, mint, or whatever feels right in the moment.

Few things represent what a quintessential PNW summer berry should be more than the great taste of a rich, ripe, colorful wild Huckleberry or its uncultivated cousin – the blueberry. Given all the Blueberry flavored options already out there, we felt we wouldn’t be doing our job if we failed to create this unique Montana-style Huckleberry flavor.

With all the hype these days around hard ciders and appletini cocktails, we knew we wanted to create the world’s most refreshing apple flavored spiked sparkling water.  We were inspired by the juicy, mouth-watering taste of a perfectly ripened and freshly picked Washington state grown Fuji Apple. Regardless of whether you wear ‘purple and gold’ or ‘crimson and gray’, we hope you will think “green” while attending your next tail gate or Apple Cup event.

Sip away...

A note from Katy Enger, Founder

For generations, my family has enjoyed the natural beauty of the San Juan Islands and life on the water. This lifestyle inspired me to create San Juan Seltzer. Each variety of San Juan Spiked Seltzer is crafted with flavors indigenous to the Pacific Northwest. Inspired by sunsets to enjoy all day ~ relax and enjoy!

What makes us different

All of our flavors are inspired by our home and a healthy lifestyle



All of our flavors have the lowest alcohol percentage – just 4.2% ABV – delivering the lightest and most refreshing taste!


Every San Juan Seltzer is sparkling with flavors indigenous to the Pacific Northwest and closely tied to our local roots.

Family First

All of our flavors are formulated by our founder, Katy Enger. She makes sure there’s a bit of San Juan in every drop!


San Juan Seltzer has the lowest calorie of any alcoholic sparkling water available with only 85 calories, 0 carbs, and 0 sugar!

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