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How It Was

Our History

­Throughout history, people have been making alcoholic beverages which are synonymous to their local areas and their local ingredients.  Beer, which is one of the oldest alcoholic beverages produced (“brewed”) by humans, dates clear back to the 5th millennium in Iran and later written in history by ancient Egyptians, who help spread the word throughout the world.  Vodka, with its naming coming from the Russian word ‘voda’ for ‘water’ or as the Poles would say ‘woda’, was first documented as being produced in the 9th century.  Rum wasn’t invented until the 17th century using local Caribbean Island molasses or sugarcane juice, whereby it still today is being fermented and distilled and then aged in oak barrels. Gin, also first produced in the 17th century, in Holland, derives its predominant flavor from local juniper berries. And, what could conjure up images of Mexico better than Tequila (a type of mezcal) and those distinctive looking blue agave plants.


When we decided to start brewing San Juan Seltzers in this 21st century, we chose to tear a page out of the beverage alcohol’s annals of history to ensure we produce the most refreshingly-pure, alcoholic sparkling water flavors – all of which inspired exclusively by flavors grown, picked or harvested in our own backyard – the great Pacific Northwest. That is why you will never see a lemon-lime, pomegranate or mandarin orange flavor here – just local flavors the rest of world only wish they could grow.  So, be on the lookout for our next flavor soon.  Who knows when you might walk into your favorite restaurant, bar or grocery store and see the world’s first and only ‘Salmon Berry’ flavored spiked sparkling water flavor. Until then, keep checking-in with your local beer cicerone or sommelier and keep enjoying each of our alcoholic sparkling waters brewed exclusively with the purest local water and flavors that the Pacific Northwest has to offer. 

Sips away...

A note from Katy Enger, Founder

For generations, my family has enjoyed the natural beauty of the San Juan Islands and life on the water. This lifestyle inspired me to create San Juan Seltzer. Each variety of San Juan Spiked Seltzer is crafted with flavors indigenous to the Pacific Northwest. Inspired by sunsets to enjoy all day ~ relax and enjoy!

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